Black Mage FFXIV

A Black Mage in FFXIV will dominate the battlefeild, However, choosing to become a Black Mage in Final Fantasy XIV (ff14, FFXIV) is not the easy path.

Black Mage FFXIV

The offical description of a black mage is as follows:

“ In days long past, there existed an occult and arcane art known as black magic—a potent magic of pure destructive force born forth by a sorceress of unparalleled power. Those who learned to wield this instrument of ruin came to be called black mages, out of both fear and respect for their gift. Yet great power served to corrupt the judgment of mortal man, and so he unknowingly set out upon the path of ruin.

Adventurers who take the black will become agents of devastation, capable of annihilating those who oppose them through little more than the force of their will. ”

Of the Great Black mages from Final fantasy lore the black mage Vivi Ornitier stands out as one of the most popular charachters. n May 16, 2008, Vivi was voted number-two of favorite Final Fantasy characters of all time on IGN. With the number-one character being Sephiroth.

For each quest you complete as a FFXIV Black Mage, you will be rewarded with a new ability, while the latter quests will also reward you with artifact (AF) armour that is shown in the screenshot above. Below is a list of abilities that theBlack Mage job can equip to their bar and select to use at any time as long as their timer is available.

In the 1.0 version of the game The Black Mage job has the following combos which can be executed. These will give extra damage and effects.

Thunder > Thundara
Fire > Fira
Thundara > Burst

Thunder > Thundara > Thundaga
Fire > Fira > Firaga
Thunder > Thundara > Burst

Attack Magic Potency (AMP): raising magic damage base. it’s equal to elemental magic potency.
Int: raising little magic damage base, and more on the combo which bonus on damage, such as thunder > thundra
Magic Acc: once you get resisted, you stop your combo process and dmg can be 50%-20% (I think) and there is no benefit to be 200% acc. so enough acc is good enough.

With basic understanding of that… then you can gear up your blm according to the situations… For example, Cutter’s Cry dungeon… the first part you usually just Flare and Firaga everything… AMP is better than Int in this situation. Even you are using Fire > Fira > firaga combo int won’t help more than AMP. However, in the boss fight, the final cutie lion has lots magic eva I think, so you might want to have little more acc rings. and you use thunder > thundra > thundraga a lot… so in this case int “might” help you better than AMP.

Don’t be “that” kind of black mage.
In FFXI, Blm/Whm was quite common. Equally as common as notion that BLM’s shouldn’t cure when needed. Supposedly that was the White mage’s job. In 14, it is in your best interest to throw out an occasional cure. You can get a ton of SP off a single AoE cure, especially when people are low on health. If you have this kind of set up, don’t hog the curable HP. Use Cure2 if its an emergency, otherwise stick to sacrifice or cure1.

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